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Crying Out

It’s been a while since I took some “rest” from blogging. And I’ve realized, it’s been a long time already. So here I am, once again, signing-on.

When trials, anxieties, worries, brokenness, doubt, and other such things come, what are you doing? Succumbing yourself to these feeling? Having a “pity party,” saying “Why me?” Or completely ignoring these things and pretend that it don’t exists? But, hey! ARE YOU CRYING OUT TO GOD?

As trials bombarding me, I hold on to God’s Word. When I‘m doing my quiet time, this is a one startling revelation that I got from God. And what’s that? “CRY OUT!” I asked Him, “Lord, why this one?” And I heard His soft, still voice, saying to me, “How can I hear your cry if you’re not crying out to me? How can I go into your situation if you’re not telling it to me? Cry out, my son. Cry out!” And I realized, God is right. Because He said in His Word, “Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved. (Joel 2:32)”

One thing that God wants to say is CRY OUT.

But what if when you keep on crying out, but no answer from Him? Does it mean He’s not listening to you? Does it mean He’s enjoying watching you suffer? Does it mean He don’t care about you and your situation? I don’t think so. Why? First, God’s silence doesn’t mean He’s not listening or He don’t care. In fact, He’s silent because all of those things you’ve experiencing is part of His grand design for you—preparing you for you to be what God wants for you. Do you think when He’s not answering means He doesn’t care about you? That’s a big lie. Do you think He’s not thinking about you when He chose to die shamefully on that cross two thousand years ago? You need to be submerged in a tub filled with ice-cold water for you to wake-up. Come on, now! He cares about you and your situation.

When those things come in our lives, you know what to do. CRY OUT! Still no answer? Keep on crying out! And wait for Him to answer you and wait for Him to be the center of those things.

Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.

– 1 Peter 5:7 (NIV)

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