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Reaching Out The Next Generation

Before Jesus ascended from the heaven, He gave us The Great Commission: Sharing the gospel in every tribe and in every nation. Somehow, there’s a specific group of people that we need to reach out. And who are those? They are the next generation: The kids.

Why the kids? Together with the youth, they are the future of this world, just Dr. Jose Rizal said. Someday, they will be a celebrity, a business tycoon, president of this nation, or maybe become a UN secretary-general. Who knows? Together with our efforts by reaching them out and sharing the gospel, someday they will turn this world upside down.

Being a KIDS Church teacher is a lot fun beside on having a great time with the kids in the church, God is also using me to mold the children to be a world-changers. And by the gospel, as young as they are, they will be equipped to face this world.

As what Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me.” (Mat. 19:14; Mark 10:14; Luke 18:16), let us draw the next generation to Him.

Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it.

– Proverbs 22:6


Jesus Christ is ALIVE, NOT DEAD

How many of you have heard this: “Huwag kang lalabas! Patay ang Diyos, walang magliligtas.” I always hear it most especially every Good Friday. Tradition always saying that at exactly 3:00 PM, every Good Friday, we don’t have a Saviour because at that time, Christ was “dead”.

Before I continue, let us put this scenario: Tradition said that every 3:00 PM of Good Friday, no one will save us because Jesus was “dead”, so we must not go outside because you know, we will became so vulnerable to accidents. But, accidents also occurs even inside of our house. So, it means that we are not safe and there’s no one will “save” us.

This time, we need to be enlightened. First, Jesus died once, and He never be died once again because when He died on the cross, the power of death was now on His hands. And when He resurrected, He has shown to the world that He holds the power over death. And lastly:

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.

– Hebrews 13:8

In the past, Jesus healed many people, casted-outĀ evil spirits, done so many miracles, and also protecting people like what He did on Peter when the latter called out to Jesus when he got drowned. Even in this day, God is still doing these things. He still protecting us no matter what.

Jesus Christ is ALIVE, even on Good Friday. He can still do some miracles up to this day. And no traditions can hold the power of God because He conquered all things just for us to experience His true power and love.

The Central Message of All Articles That I've Written

Maybe some of you had already read my articles here, or in my Facebook profile. As you read, you saw different contexts, different topics, different struggles, different encouragements, etc. But, do you know that all my posts has only ONE message?

I have a little video here from YouTube that will show you the central message of all the articles that I’ve written. Watch the video to know the message and be enlightened.

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