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My 2012 Prayer and Fasting Experience

This year’s prayer and fasting is the most amazing ever yet. I saw how God moved in our every lives and to the breakthroughs that we’ve received. Ptr. Ferdie del Valle also said last night, “May breakthrough ka man o wala, kay Jesus pa lang, panalo ka na!”That exhortation totally boosted our faith to believe for more.

On the first few days of the fast, I felt that God has planted my desire in my heart. I’ve shared it to my leader and he said that I must pray for it and wait for the true calling that God has for me. And yesterday, still uncertain about my down payment for our upcoming Leaders’ camp, when I blessed my friend with what was left in my money, a lot of people approached and blessed me. When I open my hand, I saw a lot of money. At that moment, I really broke down and I bowed down to my knees, worshiping God for His goodness. When I counted it when I went home, all the money that the people gave me has a total amount of P 1000.

I remember what Jojo Agot said,  “We do not fast to twist the arm of God so He will bless us. We are already blessed. We fast because we want Jesus.” It’s not about what kind of fast we are doing or how long we fast, it’s all about God who wants to bless us in spite and despite of our shortcomings. And because of Christ’s death on the cross, we will life this life VICTORIOUS! I am now looking forward for what God has in store for me this 2012 and I will stand in faith for HE IS NOT IN HURRY AND NOT TOO LATE. IT’S ALL IN HIS RIGHT TIMING.


My Top 10 “Thank You” List For 2011

2011 is such a very meaningful, challenging, and blessed year. There were so many things that happened, good or bad, I believe that all those happenings really made an impact in my life and in my Christian walk.

I have so many things to thank for, but I want to narrow it down and here’s my top 10 things and people who I’m thankful for  2011:

10. IGNITE 2011: LifeBox Campus Conference

This 3-day campus conference really ignited my heart to reach out my campus, University of the East – Caloocan. With a set of powerful speakers, including Ptr. Robert Gonzales and Raissa Laurel, that conference really shook me to the point that I can’t wait to enter school again during that time to make disciples. I am now excited for the next IGNITE conference on 2013.

And the unforgettable line during that conference: “God, drugs ka ba? NAKAKA-ADIK KA GOD!!!!!”

9. KIDS Church (Specifically Tweeners)

Through this ministry, I’ve learned a lot of things and skills. I learned how to speak in front of many people through welcoming the kids, sharing the verse for tithes and offering, and my favorite part, being the “game master”. I also learned how to be more patient as I always encounter a lot of unexpected stuffs happening during the whole service.

8. A specific friend of mine

I’m very thankful to that person for being an instrument of God to deal something in me this past several months. Through that person, God made me realize that through the cross, I am secured in all areas of my life. Even though that person did it the “hard way”, I am still thankful for sending that person in my life.

7. My leader

My leader, Ptr. Paul Herrera, taught so many things in me. As my leader, He’s keeping on encouraging, correcting, rebuking, and praying for me. I also learning so many things in him as we do our discipleship coaching together with other LifeBox Caloocan leaders.

6. Youth Ushering Ministry

Before our youth service start every Friday, we are the ones who will set the atmosphere of faith, hope and love. Through this ministry, I learned more how to socialize with other people and I also learned how to handle some situations that will compromise my faith for a minute. And because of that ministry, I’m now starting to love to meet new people and it encourage me a lot to serve more as I see the students saying, “Grabe, nginitian ako nung usher dun! Babalik uli ako dun.”

5. UE – Caloocan LifeBox

As one of the core leaders of UE – Caloocan LifeBox, I’m really thankful seeing that the numbers of students who were giving their lives to Jesus. I remember the days where we started with few people, where there are only three of us are men. Yes, almost all of them are women during that time. And as I saw our growth every semester, I say to God, “Lord, hindi pa ‘to tapos. There’s still more to come, and we will not stop until this campus will be conquered by Your Kingdom.”

4. LifeBox Caloocan

We usually meet each other every Friday youth service. LifeBox Caloocan composed of campuses in CAMANAVA area that has LifeBox. When I see them growing, I say to God, “Lord, if you did that to them, you can also do it to us!” As I see them, it inspires me to go forth and make disciples.

3. Victory Caloocan

Ahhh, my spiritual family. I really like to be with them when I’m happy, sad, discouraged, and frustrated, because these people encouraged me and there are also times, like what my leader is doing to me, they also correcting and rebuking me. And what I really like to them, they pray for me all the time.

2. My family

Even though we’re having misunderstanding, they never left me in times of need. Especially when it comes to my Dad, it really brought me joy when he texted me “I love you” when he left the country after so many years and so many misunderstandings. And until now, I still feel that feeling.


The author and perfecter of my faith, my refuge, my Father, my comforter, my everything. I still remember the time when God found me, and I see the change before and up to this day. Through Him, my future is now secured. Apart from Him, I will never have this top 10 list, because all the things that I received this year are all from Him. Even though this year was tough, He never left me nor forsaken me. It’s all because of Him.

Yes, some of the items that I’ve listed is short, there’s nothing can compare the feeling of being thankful for this year. This video can describe my feeling and this video will say to you that you should be thankful in all circumstances:

How about you? What are your top 10 “thank you” list for 2011?

You Missed Someone

After a week, I’m back again! Hahaha!

During my one week rest on blogging, I realized something in my life. I realized that for that past several weeks, I missed someone. Not a person, to be clear. Because of what happened to me on the past weeks, I missed God. Why? Because I focused on those things rather than Him.

In regards of that, I’d like to share a Scripture to all of you:

After the festival was over, while his parents were returning home, the boy Jesus stayed behind in Jerusalem, but they were unaware of it.

– Luke 2:43

That was the time when the family of Jesus went to Jerusalem for the Passover. As they went home, they were all unaware that Jesus was not in their company, but He stayed in the temple, FOR THREE DAYS!

There are some reasons to miss God. Maybe for some of you, you focus yourself on your problems; maybe bitterness; maybe it’s a distraction; or maybe you’ve focused too much on your ministry (I’m not saying do not serve on your ministry, but don’t focus on that too much. What about your quiet time?).

I have another Scripture to awaken each and every one of you who are reading this post (And I’m also posting this for myself):

Let your eyes look straight ahead, fix your gaze directly before you.

– Proverbs 4:25

Let us all fix our eyes to God. Do not focus on what’s surrounding you.If you focus on God, you will surely not miss His power.

Focus on Jesus

The Love of God

During our last Youth service for the semester (Resume of the Youth service is on Nov. 11), Ptr. Jay-R Ramirez shared this story to us:

There was a young girl, asking her mother. She asked, “Mommy, how do you love me?” Then her mother stretched out her arms and answered, “I love you this much.”

Then the girl grew up and became a woman. But she was living her life without a direction.

There came a time that she asked God. She asked, “God, How do you love me?” Then God stretched out His arms and answered, “I love you this much,” then He died.

After he shared that story, tears fell from my eyes. And I was really crying, remembering the things that I’ve done that displeases God. I felt so sorry for myself because I completely realized how God loved me regardless of my past. Then, there’s a Scripture came out in my mind:

But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.

– Romans 5:8

Guys, God loved us not because of what we have done or because of who we are, He loved us because that’s who He is. Because GOD IS LOVE (1 John 4:16). Regardless of your past, regardless of your sins, God still chose to love us.

Be thankful for He demonstrated His own love for us by dying on the cross for you and me for us to enjoy His presence anytime and anywhere. Whatever situations you are in right now, cry out to Him, and He will surely answer you.

Make A Difference

Let us go back to the life of no other than, Steve Jobs. He was born from an American woman and a Syrian man out-of-wedlock, became an orphan, he was adopted, a college dropout, but look on the legacy that he left: He became the man behind the technology of iPod, iPad, iPhone, and of course, the Apple Inc.

Steve Jobs showed to the world that your past or your weaknesses has nothing to do to make a difference. As we go back to the Word of God, there are also a lot of people who have their different pasts or weaknesses:

  • Noah got drunk
  • Jacob was a cheater
  • David committed adultery
  • Peter denied Jesus
  • Thomas doubted if Jesus was truly alive
  • Paul was a great persecutor of Christians before

What those people had in common? God didn’t look on their pasts or weaknesses. Instead, He chose them to make a difference. In other words, YOU DON’T HAVE AN EXCUSE NOT TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

Bakit ang dali para sayo na sabihin yan? Why? Because I also have my own weaknesses:

  • I was bullied during my elementary and high school days
  • I was so childish on the way I react
  • I was so immature in some areas of my life
  • I was so insecure about my past
  • I’ve been struggling on emotions

But hey! Those things had nothing to do for me making a difference.

You do not need to be an overachiever or like Steve Jobs first, a single encounter with God is enough for you to make a difference. It is God who will enable you to do great things, and your little thing can be a great thing because of His power that will rest in you.

Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?”

And I said, “Here am I. Send me!

– Isaiah 6:8

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