The Cure For Bitterness

I have an advanced valentine article for all of you, and I know that you can relate with this.

We’ve seen a lot of people who was so bitter in love. Are you wondering why some people, or maybe you’ve experienced it also to be bitter. Even me, I’ve experienced it too.

The problem with us humans, we love to rush everything, including love. Because of the shallow message that some movies and music portray for this generation. Because of that, insecurity crawls up in our hearts. We think, “If I will have a relationship today, I will be complete.” So a lot of youth of today are entering relationship even though they are not yet ready for commitment and not mature enough. At the end of the day, they end up broken and BITTER, distorting completely their perspective about love.

And what’s the solution to this problem of this generation? First, it was written in the Bible:

There’s an opportune time to do things, a right time for everything on the earth: Don’t excite love, don’t stir it up, until the time is ripe—and you’re ready.

– Ecclesiastes 3:1, Song of Solomon 2:7; 3:5; 8:4 (The Message)

The basic point that we need to understand is this: IS THIS ALREADY THE SEASON IN YOUR LIFE FOR RELATIONSHIP? What are the top priorities in your current season in life? Is it studies? Relationship with your family? Or importantly, your relationship with God? Have a self-assessment to your priorities. If having a relationship is not in your top priorities, don’t pursue it and FOCUS ON YOUR PRIORITIES.

And the best medicine for bitterness? BE SECURED IN THE LOVE OF JESUS CHRIST. Imagine, He gave up His life for you and me, and He died on the cross because He loves you, me, you who are reading this article, you who are currently in the state of bitterness, you who are tired and wearied because of finding a relationship but you’re not yet ready. In other words, HE LOVES US! GOD LOVES YOU, DEAL WITH IT!!


About Kevin Reyes

Once a piece of thrash that was always being ridiculed, getting fooled, always getting bullied. But when God found me on that condition, he gave me a new life, a new direction, a new purpose. And I'd like to share my walk and my testimonies to all of you so that you might experience also God's love.

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  1. Thumbs up for this! We are ALWAYS secured in the love of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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