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My Top 10 “Thank You” List For 2011

2011 is such a very meaningful, challenging, and blessed year. There were so many things that happened, good or bad, I believe that all those happenings really made an impact in my life and in my Christian walk.

I have so many things to thank for, but I want to narrow it down and here’s my top 10 things and people who I’m thankful for  2011:

10. IGNITE 2011: LifeBox Campus Conference

This 3-day campus conference really ignited my heart to reach out my campus, University of the East – Caloocan. With a set of powerful speakers, including Ptr. Robert Gonzales and Raissa Laurel, that conference really shook me to the point that I can’t wait to enter school again during that time to make disciples. I am now excited for the next IGNITE conference on 2013.

And the unforgettable line during that conference: “God, drugs ka ba? NAKAKA-ADIK KA GOD!!!!!”

9. KIDS Church (Specifically Tweeners)

Through this ministry, I’ve learned a lot of things and skills. I learned how to speak in front of many people through welcoming the kids, sharing the verse for tithes and offering, and my favorite part, being the “game master”. I also learned how to be more patient as I always encounter a lot of unexpected stuffs happening during the whole service.

8. A specific friend of mine

I’m very thankful to that person for being an instrument of God to deal something in me this past several months. Through that person, God made me realize that through the cross, I am secured in all areas of my life. Even though that person did it the “hard way”, I am still thankful for sending that person in my life.

7. My leader

My leader, Ptr. Paul Herrera, taught so many things in me. As my leader, He’s keeping on encouraging, correcting, rebuking, and praying for me. I also learning so many things in him as we do our discipleship coaching together with other LifeBox Caloocan leaders.

6. Youth Ushering Ministry

Before our youth service start every Friday, we are the ones who will set the atmosphere of faith, hope and love. Through this ministry, I learned more how to socialize with other people and I also learned how to handle some situations that will compromise my faith for a minute. And because of that ministry, I’m now starting to love to meet new people and it encourage me a lot to serve more as I see the students saying, “Grabe, nginitian ako nung usher dun! Babalik uli ako dun.”

5. UE – Caloocan LifeBox

As one of the core leaders of UE – Caloocan LifeBox, I’m really thankful seeing that the numbers of students who were giving their lives to Jesus. I remember the days where we started with few people, where there are only three of us are men. Yes, almost all of them are women during that time. And as I saw our growth every semester, I say to God, “Lord, hindi pa ‘to tapos. There’s still more to come, and we will not stop until this campus will be conquered by Your Kingdom.”

4. LifeBox Caloocan

We usually meet each other every Friday youth service. LifeBox Caloocan composed of campuses in CAMANAVA area that has LifeBox. When I see them growing, I say to God, “Lord, if you did that to them, you can also do it to us!” As I see them, it inspires me to go forth and make disciples.

3. Victory Caloocan

Ahhh, my spiritual family. I really like to be with them when I’m happy, sad, discouraged, and frustrated, because these people encouraged me and there are also times, like what my leader is doing to me, they also correcting and rebuking me. And what I really like to them, they pray for me all the time.

2. My family

Even though we’re having misunderstanding, they never left me in times of need. Especially when it comes to my Dad, it really brought me joy when he texted me “I love you” when he left the country after so many years and so many misunderstandings. And until now, I still feel that feeling.


The author and perfecter of my faith, my refuge, my Father, my comforter, my everything. I still remember the time when God found me, and I see the change before and up to this day. Through Him, my future is now secured. Apart from Him, I will never have this top 10 list, because all the things that I received this year are all from Him. Even though this year was tough, He never left me nor forsaken me. It’s all because of Him.

Yes, some of the items that I’ve listed is short, there’s nothing can compare the feeling of being thankful for this year. This video can describe my feeling and this video will say to you that you should be thankful in all circumstances:

How about you? What are your top 10 “thank you” list for 2011?


Unexpected Things For The Expected Things

Are you praying for something will happen to you or praying for something…or someone? Just like my friend, Creza Songsong, written in her note, “He already knows what we need, what we desire pero nagfocus muna sya sa issue ng heart natin.” And I’m gonna tell you this now in your face: Before you get it, God has to deal something first in you. How? I don’t know. Maybe its an issue of hidden sin, wrong attitude or mindset, but the most common, YOUR HEART. And God is very creative in dealing on you, there are times that He will do unexpected…yes, unexpected…things.

Did I say “UNEXPECTED THINGS”? You read that right! If we go back to the complaint of Habakkuk to God (Yes, you can also complain to Him, BUT DO NOT QUIT!), we know that he is complaining about what is going on in Jerusalem. Habakkuk, expecting that God will answer, “I will redeem your nation,” but God answered the way he didn’t expect (Read Habakkuk 1:2-11). It doesn’t make sense, right? The same way in us, God will going to use the unexpected to prepare us.

Before I went back to school (I was stopped for one year), God dealt so many things in my life, especially in the area of my emotions. And God worked the way I didn’t expect to the point that I almost stumbled in my faith. But on the long run, I completely realize that those kind of situations was just God’s way on dealing on that area of my life. When that area got completely secured and other stuffs settled, I had returned to school and now currently studying again.

When unexpected things came, do not get weary. Look at yourself in the mirror first, ask God what are the things that He’s dealing right now in your life and wait for the Lord to work in your life. This is also a long process, it takes time for God to mold you. The only thing that you need to do is TO BE STILL.  And when God had finished dealing on a particular area, what you are praying for, you will get it.

Prepare for the unexpected, for it will be God’s way to deal something in your life.

Guard Your Heart

Every people in the world have their own weaknesses. If Superman’s weakness is Kryptonite, Thor’s weakness is when he didn’t have his hammer, and for ordinary people like you and me, it’s no other than EMOTIONS. You read that right, EMOTIONS. But it’s not all about our feelings to a certain person, although that’s also part of it, we need to deal also with other emotions that we’ve been struggling: Bitterness, hatred, desperation, hopelessness, frustration, disappointment, loneliness, and the list goes on and on.

When these emotions started to enter our hearts, it will affect almost every aspect of our life, like a contagious disease. How? When we are bitter to a certain person, it will affect how we interact with other people. When we are hopeless, it affects also our perspective in life. And when we have feelings to a certain man/woman, there will be a time that it will make us off track in our journey with God. But sad to say, there are times that these kind of struggle will also affect our relationship with God.

Before we succumb with our emotional struggles, we need to enlighten our hearts with the Word of God. And I would like to share this Scripture from Proverbs to all of you, and also for myself:

Guard your heart above all else, for it determines the course of your life.

– Proverbs 4:23 (New Living Translation)

Guys, we need to guard our heart from any emotional struggles. As what the Scripture said in New Living Translation, “it will determine the course of your life.” The examples I’ve given above says it all.

If we need to guard our heart from those emotions, what shall we do if we already had those emotions?

Let us go back to the basic truth that we need to understand. And it was on Matthew 6:9:

“This, then, is how you should pray: “‘Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name,

– Matthew 6:9 (New International Version)

If we will understand this basic truth that God is our Father, and He’s above all things, including our emotions, then we can pour out all our emotions that we have in our heart. And if we really understand that Jesus Christ is the Lord our life, including our emotions, then we can be secured in our emotions because of Jesus Christ.

Don’t let our emotions lead us astray. Don’t let it distract us in our walk with God. Don’t let it be the lord of our lives. Let our hearts be filled by the love of Jesus Christ.


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