The Tongue II: SHUT UP!

This is the first sequel of my first post in my site (The first is: The Tongue: Small but VERY POWERFUL) and also my first ever sequel in all my writings.

DISCLAIMER: This image is just a symbolism of what I'm pointing about. I'm not trolling anyone.

We love to talk about many things, right? Ranging from which team won last match in NBA to what does the professor tackled about. But in some points, we’re hitting the target that was not supposed to be the right target.

What do I mean?

Simple. When we consciously or unconsciously share some gossips to others (Sometimes, we unconsciously do it inside the church), sharing some unacceptable statements that we think it will benefit, or just disguising ourselves that we know everything but the way we share, it is also unacceptable.

Actually, there are more things to mention, but I narrowed it to three things (For the sake of the length of this post). Why focus on that three things? Because we think that doing that things is just a part of the culture, or shall I call “mainstream”.

But, when we go back to the Word of God, it is not a part of HIS standard. Spreading gossips, speaking harshly, and sharing wrong facts affects each other’s lives. Like what I’ve pointed in the first part of this post, when we speak, we impart two things: LIFE or DEATH. As we spread that three things, actually we impart DEATH to others.


  • Gossips can destroy the life of a person, or even a whole family
  • Talking harshly can destroy the being of a person
  • Spreading wrong facts may cause a person to stumble

So? What I’m pointing about?

If you have nothing good to say, SHUT UP! Preserve each others lives by controlling your tongue. Speak good things, not gossips, and curses.

Use your tongue to praise the Lord and to speak blessings to other people, and you will produce a good fruit. However, if you use your tongue to curse others, you will produce the fruit of death.

“Make a tree good and its fruit will be good, or make a tree bad and its fruit will be bad, for a tree is recognized by its fruit.”

– Matthew 12:33


About Kevin Reyes

Once a piece of thrash that was always being ridiculed, getting fooled, always getting bullied. But when God found me on that condition, he gave me a new life, a new direction, a new purpose. And I'd like to share my walk and my testimonies to all of you so that you might experience also God's love.

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